Are there that many AB's looking for a Mommy?? Where have you looked? Have you had any success? Why do you want a Mommy? What do you want from a Mommy? A little TLC? A hug? Someone to take care of you? A smile? Send your Mommy search story ... I will post it here on my web page!!! Send your story to me at this address I would also like to thank Jerry from Diaper Daze for the wonderful graphic shown below.


What was the best gift you received from your Mommy or Daddy? Here is a picture of the baby lei that I sent to my baby boy. I had hoped he would like it... and I was right he did!! It has two baby boy bubble gum cigars, little pacifier candies, two types of teddy bear candies, two little baby bottles with candy inside and alphabet candies. Send your "best gift" story to me and I will post it here! If you have a picture of that gift, please send it along with your story. If you are interested in a candy lei for yourself or your favorite baby boy or girl .. please send an e-mail to wtpb@compuserve. I will reply to let you know how to order the lei.. Indicate whether it's for a boy or a girl.

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