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I am dedicating this site to my favorite baby boy. Hope he appreciates his Mommy as much as she appreciates him! Thank you for being there when I've needed you!!! This site is for all those that enjoyed, adored and even loved their childhood! Also for those that didn't enjoy it much. It is also for those that have never grown up and don't want to!!! Those that enjoy a sense of security with their favorite blankie! Perhaps a special plushie!! A beautiful dolly!! A special playmate!! This site is under constant construction. If you have any ideas, suggestions or even links that you would like to see here drop me a note at the e-mail address listed below. If you have a special picture that you'd love everyone to see send it to the same e-mail address below.

G. Cambra
PO Box 1555
United States

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Fashions by Tim: The best site on the Web to get diapers, big baby publications, and big baby clothes
Wilf's: A terrific place to get bibs and reins! Wilf has pink polypropelene webbing in stock which is also available for a modern baby harness. (Price is $64 Dollars US or 40 english) He also has Black webbing with a white Diamond pattern $40 or 25 and includes FREE standard shipping! If he gets enough requests for Baby blue he will get that webbing also.

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